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Our service allows the school access to a five week incubation programme with a personal touch. A school can book the programme by completing the form online via Once the team has confirmed availability for the dates the school has chosen the school will be supplied with an informative video which can be shared amongst the staff of the school.


The school will also be supplied with a video to show the students in preparation of the hatching programme. The programme will be set up by John, our founder and director. On day 1 - John will personally deliver the incubator and 20 fertilised eggs and demonstrate how the project works. This will take approximately 30 minutes with students encouraged to ask any questions. The eggs will then be left in the incubator for 21 days, John will return on day 10 to complete the candling process which allows him to check the development of the chicks inside the eggs. Again, there is a video supplied to explain this and students are offered the opportunity to ask John any questions. Once this process is complete, John will be able to tell the students how many eggs will hatch into chicks.


John will then return on day 21, where the chicks have all hatched. He will move them from the incubator onto the heat plate where they will continue to develop for another 2 weeks. John will then arrive on day 35, to collect the chicks and bring them to his farm. Although there are alternative options such as students requesting to bring the chicks home to their farms or schools opting to rear the chicks themselves. We offer support here and source the materials they need for this. In addition to the hatching programme, we offer our educational toolkit, which includes five informative videos on the hatching process which are for the teachers to show to their students at the different stages of the chicks development. We encourage the school to show these prior to John’s arrival to enhance the learning experience. We also have a set of educational workbooks for the school to use throughout the five week programme. We advise that the students complete these workbooks so that they can really understand the process while also developing key skills.

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