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Hatch It Out began from inside the walls of our TY Enterprise class.  John Glennon, our director, has ample experience in chicken hatching having grown up on his home farm in which they have dairy, sucklers and chicken farming entities. John has been running his own chicken farming business called Glennon farms for the past number of years where he sells eggs to customers and also rears hens and roosters for selling. John has access to eggs on a regular basis and also has the facilities to take back the chicks once the school programme is finished so he can rear them at home.

Jamie is our production and design manager; he is very artistic. He is skilled at developing

images and designs for our educational resources and for our marketing materials. He created our logo on canva which is completely unique and represents our values as a business.

Figure 1_edited.png

Brian is our marketing genius, he set up and runs our social media channels. He ensures that the posts are organised and creates a monthly calendar of what is required for promoting our brand. He then sets up the post on canva to automatically post so that we don't have to think about it. He is also able to edit our videos which helps ensure our videos are of great quality going to the schools.

Ethan is the financial manager; he examines the costs and the work involved in each item and sets the prices before presenting to the group to ensure that transport costs and labour is included as this is an issue we had before. Ethan also budgets for the future and sets targets for what we hope to reach.

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